Wire Tracker Kit Ethernet LAN Cable Tester


OneLink Wire Tracker for Network (RJ45) UTP/STP/Cat5/Cat6 and Telephone (RJ11) Line Finder Diagnose Tone Tracer Cable Tester

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    Line Finder Telephone RJ45 RJ11 Wire Tracker Kit Ethernet LAN Cable Tester
    This instrument is designed to identify and trace wires or cables without damaging the insulation, you can also use it in checking for short circuit and locating opened circuit and so on. In addition, it can also be used to identify some states of telephone line so that it is more convenient to install, debug, and maintain telephone lines. There is a Sender and a Receiver included in the instrument.
    Power: DC 9V Battery (Not included)
    Max. Operating Current: Emitter less than 9mA; Receiver less than 28mA
    Signal Transmission Format: Multi-frequency pulse
    Signal Output Level: 8VP-P
    Signal Transmission Distance: Less Than 3 km
    Send tone frequency: 1.5kHz
    Emitter Size: 125mmx46mmx25mm/ 4.92inx1.81inx0.98in
    Receiver Size: 173mmx36mmx23mm/ 6.81inx1.42inx0.91in

    Package Includes:
    1 x Emitter
    1 x Receiver
    1 x Earphone
    1 x RJ11 Cable
    1 x RJ45 Cable
    1 x Crocodile Clamp
    1 x User manual
    1 x Easy Carry Nylon Case


    Weight 1 kg


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